Tin Cup Ministries

It’s simple - Find people where they are and speak to them in a peaceful manner exposing the love of Jesus and encouraging them forward in their walk. We are living in a time of awakening. People are looking for the truth and we hold the truth and the light through our Master. Through speaking, music, storytelling, group studies, and personal experiences, Tin Cup is spreading the word in a powerful way.

Jesus said “Follow me”. He didn’t ask us to sit and watch. Following Jesus takes action and He is asking for our attention. Let’s get going together…..left….right….left.

It’s a good life!!


Tin Cup Ministries -

Tin Cup Ministries is 23+ years old and was created with the purpose of sharing the love, grace and mercy of Jesus. Layton Howerton has ministered to thousands of people throughout his ministry through songwriting, singing, and storytelling.

“Highlights with Layton Howerton”

Layton’s ministry through story will soon be aired on Family Radio nationwide. Family Radio airs in more than 90 markets nationwide so “listen up”.

“Highlights” - Tin Cup offers a small group curriculum centered around “Highlights”. The subjects are real and relevant.

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Rem-Fire Project -

The Rem-Fire Project is a men’s ministry dedicated to reigniting the remnant of the lost tribe of unchurched and de-churched men in America to the Glory of God.

When men are empowered and motivated they will grow a church. America needs men, communities need men, families need men and the church needs men! Men are looking for more!!

The Rem-Fire project -

Small Group Study guides Rem-Fire Roundups ONLINE

Man Feed

Rem-Fire Men will present the Rem-Fire project live in churches around the country. The church hosts the event and the rest is done by Rem-Fire. The objective is to ignite a fire in the men in each church and get them involved. Rem-Fire puts the meat and potatoes on the plate.

Yes - We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Phil 4:13

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Global Missions -

The Apostil Paul said it best - As long as I’m alive in this body, there is good work for me to do. (MSG)

Missions trips are life changing for everyone involved. Tin Cup Ministries is making mission trips available through other ministries and mission trip facilitators. If you are interested in a mission trip click on the links below or contact us. We will post a schedule of missions trips.

Yes - we are going out into the world, in faith, sharing the great news!