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The Rem-Fire Project is a men’s ministry dedicated to reigniting the remnant of the lost tribe of unchurched and de-churched men in America for the Glory of God!

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The time is NOW! JOIN REM-FIRE to experience our online band of brothers. There is power in numbers and you will find power to meet life’s challenges. Men - I’ll be in the roundup with you along with men from around the country and from all walks of life. Join the fellowship brothers!!!

“Deke” Thurston


Our mission is to make missions trips possible.

1) Rem - Fire men will meet face-to-face and serve together.

2) Families can serve together as well as other groups.

Short Term Mission trips to other countries and in the USA.

1st Trip is to Guatemala or Nicaragua in early to mid summer 2020.





We are…

Layton “Parson” Howerton

- Tin Cup Founder 2000

Singer, Songwriter, Preacher, Teacher, Church Planter, Missionary

Marcus “Deke” Thurston

- Tin Cup Trustee 2000

Marine Corps Veteran, Self-Employed Businessman, Ministry Operations